Residents of Rogers House Residential Care Home in Wigmore have been using the ongoing pandemic as an opportunity to go back to basics and write to their loved ones.

The majority of us haven’t received a handwritten letter for many years, some of us may never have, but with visits on hold at the Drewery Drive residential care home, residents decided to write to their loved ones, in addition to Skype and phone calls.

As well as writing to their families to update them on their wellbeing, residents were also incredibly grateful to have received some letters and drawings from pupils of Park Wood Schools Federation in Gillingham and have been busy making their replies this week.

Jackie Miles, General Manager of Rogers House said: “Keeping the residents connected to their loved ones is a real priority for us at the moment, whilst visitors are unable to come in.

“We have used Skype and the phone, but we thought it’d be nice to send some old-fashioned letters. The residents really enjoyed writing them and particularly enjoyed reading the letters from the school children, they’ve sent some back and so we look forward to the response.”