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NCF launches new NFP badge to demonstrate quality in care provision

The National Care Forum (NCF) – the leading association for not for profit (NFP) social care providers today launches a new NFP badge to help people better recognise social care services operated by not for profit providers.

In a survey carried out by the NCF of 1,500 adults in England, 75% of those sampled preferred not for profit organisations or local authority provision over that offered by other provision. This positive public perception is the backbone to the launch of the NCF NFP badge announced today.

Liz Jones, Policy Director at the National Care Forum said:

“Our survey found that, when asked, people would like to be able to choose care homes run by not for profit providers when making a decision about which care home to choose for themselves or their loved one.  This badge is a direct response to that survey finding and makes it easier for people to identify NFP providers to give them confidence that the provider works to the ethos of the NFP sector.

“This ethos means a singular focus on improving their social care services now and in the future.  NFP providers re-invest all their income back into the services they provide and the staff who deliver them. The focus is on improvement and innovation for all the people they support, and the reward and recognition of their staff. In addition, it often means having stronger links to their local communities where they will often have a long history of responding to evolving community needs. There is clear governance and accountability arrangements for how they operate.

“It is important to recognise and celebrate this ethos and this new badge is a simple way to help people recognise and celebrate these qualities.”

Mario Ambrosi, Director of Communications and Marketing at Anchor Hanover said:

“With research showing many people prefer a not for profit provider, this excellent initiative will make it easier to identify when a care home is not for profit and part of the NCF. Those moving into a care home, or supporting a loved one to do so, need good information about what matters to them and the badge is an important way of helping people make the right decisions for the circumstances.”

Abby Symons, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sanctuary Care said:

“Choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one is a highly emotive decision and it is imperative that people have the right level of support and information during this process. The badge is a simple way for the public to identify the principles by which not for profit providers work so that when they see the badge they can have confidence.”

Organisations displaying the new badge are all NCF members and are committed to providing quality care and support services to adults in the UK.

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