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Making wishes come true at Northbourne Court

Northbourne Court care home in Sidcup has recently introduced a new initiative for residents at the home called ‘Make a Wish’.
Residents are asked about the things they are interested in and encouraged to make a wish for something they would really like to do. The wish is then included to the wish list that staff help the resident to fulfil.

One example is resident Bridget who is such an animal lover that she wished for a cuddle with different fluffy animals. Staff at the home set off straight away to fulfil the wish by contacting an animal company called ‘Wild Science’ and asked whether they could help make it happen.

That very afternoon Bridget and other residents were given an opportunity to meet, pat and chat with five different animals – a Rabbit, Hamster, Guinea pig, Gerbil and a Chinchilla! The visit was a great success!

Another wish was recently granted when Renee, who has a love for fish and chips, wished she could re-visit one for her favourite fish and chip restaurants. Northbourne Court often serves the popular fish dish but in Renee’s eyes nothing quite beats visiting your favourite fish and chip shop for a chippy tea! Staff at Northbourne Court booked a table at the restaurant and arranged for Brenda, Renee’s sister to join them. Renee enjoyed the walk down Bexleyheath High Street with her sister and reminisced about the times she used to visit Bexleyheath with her family. Since this visit each time we have a chat with Renee she always talks about her dining experience with a big smile on her face.

Well done to Northbourne Court who continue to make
wishes comes true and support our vision by providing
communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life.

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