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“I Can Tackle Anything Now!” Aspirational Academy Programme Boosts Confidence

Feeling that a lack of confidence had always held her back in life, Domiciliary Care Supervisor, Tracy Welfare, decided now was the time to do something for herself, so she signed up for the Academy’s leadership and development course.

“I joined the organisation’s extra care housing scheme in Larkfield in the summer of 2018 and signed up for the Academy just a few months later. I’ve never had much confidence, but I read on the Rapport Housing & Care website how the Academy had really helped so many others and how they’d been able to progress professionally, so I thought I’d give it a go, as I wanted to develop my career but hadn’t really had the self-belief.

“When I sat down to do the first assessment, it looked so hard and I thought ‘I can’t do this’ but I sat down with my mentor, we broke it all down and it felt much more achievable. With every assessment, my confidence came on leaps and bounds, and I started to feel like I could do it. Feedback from the trainers was always explained clearly and so helpful, I was never made to feel like I had failed. It never felt pressured and the target times for assessments were achievable, if for any reason I needed an extension, the trainers were so understanding.

“The content itself was varied and interesting, giving you real insight into the bigger picture and how the organisation works. The course is open to everyone, whether you work in housing, care or housekeeping, so it was fascinating to hear everyone’s different viewpoints. I really felt like I could talk to anyone, even the CEO popped in to see how we were getting on, no one’s door was ever closed to me.

“At the final certificate presentation in December 2019, I was ecstatic and so proud of myself, I couldn’t quite believe I’d done it. I struggled a lot at school and throughout life, I shied away from a lot because I didn’t think I could do it, but now I know I can. Even my son, who struggles with Dyslexia, was inspired and said, ‘mum, seeing you do that has made me think I might do some training of my own’, and now he has taken on some professional development at work.

“I would recommend the Academy to anyone, there is so much support from the trainers and mentors, and age is absolutely not a barrier – just have an open mind. I made some great friends along the way too and we’ve stayed in touch, planning to visit each other’s homes and schemes. It was lovely to see others thrive and develop. Because I now know I can do it, I’ve signed up to work towards my level 5. I started out as a career, now I’m a supervisor and I want to be a home manager. I want to help others strive to succeed and develop their careers, because I’ve done it myself. I can tackle anything now!”

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