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‘I wasn’t expecting to find my soul mate at work’

Gordon Price, 65, has just retired from Brunelcare after nearly two decades as a Somerset Community Carer. Not only did he grow his career with Brunelcare, caring for more than 450 people across nearly two decades, but Gordon also found something he wasn’t expecting, true love!

Gordon met his now wife, Sue Price, 65, at the charity, after Sue joined his Community Care team five-years after Gordon started with Brunelcare. The two-some would care for people in their own homes together and ended up falling in love and getting married. The pair now live in Highbridge together with their dog, Archie, and are enjoying the retired lifestyle after years of caring for others.

Gordon said: “I started with Brunelcare when I was 48-years-old in 2003. I had a full head of hair then! I absolutely loved working at the charity, my team was great and my clients became my family. I would visit people in their own homes providing care across Somerset, the job was so fulfilling, I’ll miss my colleagues and clients immensely. What I didn’t expect to happen at Brunelcare is finding the love of my life, this, alongside delivering extraordinary care to extraordinary people was the best part of the job!” 

Before joining Brunelcare, Gordon was an Engineer for 33-years before deciding on a change of career. He then landed the role as a Community Carer with Brunelcare.

Sue and Gordon met on shift one day and said there was an instant spark! They have been together for a total of 12-years and have been married for a decade. Together, Sue and Gordon have 15 children between them all from previous relationships and 23 grandchildren. Now both retired from Brunelcare, the caring couple are enjoying their days together by gardening, walking and just relaxing at home with one another.

Gordon said: “When Sue and I worked at Brunelcare, towards the end of our careers we were usually on different shifts. We were like passing ships in the night so it’s lovely to be able to spend quality time together at our home. We enjoy gardening, baking, going on walks and waking up and thinking, what shall we do today?”

Sue said: “I was with Brunelcare as a Community Carer for 12 and a half years and loved every minute of it. I loved working with Gordon and there was a spark between us as soon as we met. He’s such a great carer and always puts a smile on our clients faces, he was a true inspiration to work with, an amazing carer and is a fantastic husband.”

Leanne Swift, Community Carer and Colleague of Gordon’s said:  “Gordon is the funniest, most generous man who always went above and beyond for the people we cared for. It was a pleasure to have known and worked with Gordon. He was loved by clients and employees alike and always brightened the day of those around him! He’ll be missed by all at Brunelcare, but now he can relax and spend time with Sue!” 

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