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Caring in COVID: Philomena – hairdresser extraordinaire

Pilgrims’ Friend Society runs nine care homes around the UK, providing environments in which elderly people are looked after, comfortable and secure.

All of our homes are founded on our Christian faith and opportunities to continue to be part of a Christian community are a core part of the home that we provide.

Jackie Bridgen, Business Manager at Leonora Home, Chippenham, shares how one staff member went above and beyond to ensure those living at the home were looking and feeling their best.

“Philomena works full time for us and during lockdown, she was aware that some of the family members were feeling… well, a bit bedraggled.

The hairdresser was not allowed to come in, because of the COVID-19 risk, and everyone was developing that lockdown look.

Enter Phil, on her one weekly day off!

Setting up her own salon, she washed and styled the day away each week, with back up from Vicky on nails.

The family members felt so much better. We were touched by Phil’s dedication, not to mention her styling skills!”

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