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Caring for our loved one – a family’s point of view

This note was written for us by Angela’s family in June 2020.
Cheddar Grove nursing home in Bristol is home to Angela, aged 65, and six others, all of whom have complex physical and mental needs. Angela describes lockdown in care as “every day is a party”. Fourteen members of staff work in shifts to provide around the clock care to residents.

Prior to March 13th, Lindsay one of the Team Leaders at the home, describes Angela’s life:  “She used to get out and about by bus to the shops and cafes with a one-to-one carer and would take great delight in calling out ‘hello people!’ Angela loved going to help groom horses, visiting the seaside and going to Church.

“Since lockdown we have had to think about ways of enriching Angela’s life, but what has come apparent is how Angela enriches our lives – she really keeps our spirits up! Now, instead of a trip to the seaside, we’ve installed a sandpit for sandcastle building; a visiting dog and guinea pigs bring contact with animals. We have puzzle sessions and sing-songs, painting a huge mural of the NHS rainbow, story time, cooking sessions, all of which are done with huge joy.”

Angela’s brother Paul said: “I cannot thank the people who care for Angela enough; she is so well and happy. They are the unsung heros. April 1st was her Birthday and we had a face time call where she sang Happy Birthday and showed me her cake and presents. It seems that every time I speak to her there is something happening to keep her so happy.”

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