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Care Home Resident’s Train set is Just the Ticket

Model railway enthusiast and Dene Holm Residential Care Home resident, Stan Glazier, has put the former day centre to good use with his ever-expanding project.

Since he moved into Dene Holm over six years ago, Stan has always been a model railway enthusiast. But what started out as a small set up in his bedroom, has grown so much that it’s taken over the home’s now unused former day centre.

Realising his set had outgrown his bedroom, Stan went on to use the home’s vacant summer house in the garden, however, within a couple of years, this too was too small. Luckily for Stan, there were no current plans for the day centre, which offered plenty of space, so Stan moved in, just in time to keep him busy during lockdown.

During lockdown, Stan has worked relentlessly on his project, which is now vast, using materials out of skips and eventually, a much-awaited trip back to B&Q to buy the bits he needed. He says being able to focus on the train set during a difficult time stopped him from ‘going mad’.

Christine Hutchinson, General Manager of Dene Holm said: “Stan’s railway set is very impressive, he works really hard on it and what started out as a tabletop project has become huge.

“It is clear Stan is very passionate about his set and It’s certainly been great for keeping him occupied during lockdown.”

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