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Day 9

Today we have not two but three inspiring stories from ECL

ECL Sensory Service helps deafblind mother of two regain her independence

Caroline lives with Deafblindness after losing her hearing as a result of ear problems when she was young. She subsequently lost her vision due to idiopathic intracranial hypertension five years later. Caroline’s hearing loss occurred following 15 surgeries after having glue ear, mastoiditis and cholesteatoma as a child. Despite all of the operations, she unfortunately lost her hearing aged 34. In 2018 she had a cochlear implant on her right side but was unable to have the implant in her left ear because of the damage to her ear canal. Five years later, aged 39, she was also diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension – a rare neurological condition that causes pressure around the brain. This pressure resulted in a swelling of the optic nerves causing Caroline to completely lose the sight in her left eye and have no peripheral vision in her right eye. The ECL Sensory team worked closely with Caroline, identifying what equipment and support would best help her at home as well as enable her to get out and about without assistance.

ECL Older People’s Service – Barry and Julie’s story of how they cope with Julie’s dementia diagnoses
Married for over 50 years, Barry and Julie were devastated when Julie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2020. Barry and Julie, who live close to ECL Loughton – Jessopp Court Day Centre popped in for a visit and immediately felt at home.
ECL Ward-led Enablement – Roy is ECL’s first Ward-led Enablement success he shares his story in this short film

Roy Hignett is one of the first patients of ECL’s pioneering Ward-led Enablement programme delivered in partnership with Essex County Council (ECC) and the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT). When Roy was admitted to hospital, he’s had a sudden loss of feeling and control of his legs. To date Roy still doesn’t have a diagnosis and yet he has made a remarkable recovery thanks to the fact this reablement care started while in the hospital rather than once he was discharged home. Thanks to ECL’s Ward-led Enablement team, by the time he left hospital Roy could walk and over one year later he is fully independent and back cycling which he loves.

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