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Day 8

Today we have three more inspiring stories of care from members

Joyful Halloween Gathering: Residents and Staff Unite in Spooky Fun at Sussex Housing and Care

This year’s highlight was a heartwarming Halloween party, where residents and staff became a close-knit family. The staff’s creative costumes and decorations for a day of dancing, singing, and enjoying spooky yet delicious themed food. The simple joy of the celebration brought everyone together, fostering a sense of unity and community spirit.

Samantha’s Experience at Grace Care Centre at The Orders of St John Care Trust: Sharing Smiles and Special Moments with the Residents

Meet Samantha, a caring team member at Grace Care Centre, who finds immense joy in her work. The most treasured times for her are the everyday moments spent with residents, witnessing their smiles and happiness during simple activities. A standout memory is the summer barbecue in the beautiful garden, providing residents with a chance to connect and get to know each other better. Samantha embraces the fulfilment that comes from these shared, heartwarming experiences at Grace Care Centre.

The Orders of St John Care Trust homes’ video chain dedicated to King Charles III Coronation

From faux fur to nimble knitting, the video chain shows residents and carers from OSJCT care homes miles apart, trying and passing on unique versions of St Edward’s Crown – the crown used in coronation ceremonies – which they hand-crafted especially for the historic occasion – King Charles III Coronation this May.

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