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Day 7

Today we have three more inspiring stories of care from members

Empowering Change: A Cinematic Glimpse into Co-Production Training Across the Camphill Village Trust

Immerse yourself in a compelling film that showcases the impactful training efforts undertaken by people across the Trust. This training plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of co-production throughout the Charity, as illustrated in this cinematic exploration. The film was made as part of National Adults Safeguarding Week and links with the theme of Listen, Learn and Lead.

Discover a special musical collaboration that shows how valuable every support hour is. The Camphill Village Trust created a heartfelt song to express this. The lyrics talk about the importance of time and support.

Watch a heartening feedback from John about his experience with BEN. The fact that John now feels looked after, befriended, and relaxed says that the assistance and the environment at BEN have had a positive impact on his well-being. Having a supportive network and a comfortable setting had a significant impact on John.

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