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Day 3

Today we have three more inspiring stories of care from Swarthmore Care Home

Swarthmore has fulfilled a few lifelong dreams during 2023.  Engaging resident’s wishes/passions from years gone by.  This is such a rewarding experience for everyone, seeing the pleasure on their face. Listening to their stories from years gone by.

Nostalgic Journey: Residents’ Dream Fulfilled on a Steam Train Adventure

For many of our residents this was a wish come true.  A trip down memory lane on a Steam Train. The Watercress line in Hampshire used to carry people to war, transport evacuees, take people on holiday and transport goods in the area.  The railway allows anyone to have the experience of riding a steam train through the countryside.

It was a perfect day after a rainy start.  Residents and staff had a private carriage which was very cosy with a picnic on board.  Rolling through the countryside, seeing the steam flow by the windows, smelling the coal burning away was nostalgic.

Annual Boat Trip

A trip on the River Thames for many residents, thanks to the River Boat Trust that are able to accommodate wheelchair users is always a huge success as they enjoy the views from the river with a picnic lunch.

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Making Wishes Come True

One of our resident’s favourite composers is Strauss. Andre Rieu is one of her favourite composers and after a bit of research, we realised he was performing locally.  We engaged with the venue and managed to obtain complimentary tickets, so we were able to surprise her with a private viewing area to watch the concert.  It was an amazing experience that she will treasure. Check for more here.

Picnic in the park
Walk to the common with a lovely picnic.  Ride on the swings/roundabout which is another trip down memory lane.
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