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Day 24

Four stories of inspiring care for Christmas Eve from members

Mike`s story at Mencap

After Mike’s loss of Laura, life became unbearable, and he contemplated not wanting to be around anymore. Seeking help from his local Mencap support service, the staff acknowledged his grief and explained that he was not alone. Grateful for the support, Mike started volunteering at Mencap, participating in a poetry project. Despite initially thinking poetry wasn’t for him, he realized it was a way to use his voice and express anything. Mencap became his lifeline, helping him cope with grief and discover the therapeutic power of self-expression through writing.

Link to the poem.

Lizzy’s story at NCHA

In this video, Lizzy shares her positive experience living in her house for seven years. She plans to turn her garden into a meadow and shows viewers her lovely living room and bedroom. Kaitlyn, Lizzy’s support worker, highlights the positive impact of Lizzy’s current home, where she has found stability and happiness.

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