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Day 15

Today we have three more inspiring stories of care from members

Active Prospects has supported John for many years, and this year he fulfilled his dream – he went on a fabulous holiday to Ghana! A brief video featuring John chatting about his trip with his amazing support workers, Eunice and Brenda. It’s more than just a travel story; it’s a celebration of friendship and dreams coming true. Take a moment to join in on the joy with John, Eunice, and Brenda!

Kelly was presented with our Real Life Options Staff Real Heroes Award in 2023. It was awarded for her commitment to supporting individuals with communication barriers because she has worked hard to learn the style of Makaton the young man she supports uses to ensure he can make his own choices. Kelly is interested in discovering how to break down communication barriers and is keen to learn new styles for example talking mats as she understands being able to communicate is key to supporting people to meet their outcomes.

Alecia`s growth at the Real Life Options

Alecia is an experienced and passionate support manager who joined Real Life Options earlier in the year. Her contribution to the organisation and her dedication to her staff teams have resulted in her promotion to Head of Operations.

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