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Day 11

Today we have three more inspiring stories of care from Making Space

Shahida’s Inspiring Journey: Unveiling the Incredible Support from Making Space

Let’s dive into Shahida’s journey, where Making Space played a crucial role in being an incredible support system. The fantastic team at Making Space became Shahida’s reliable source of help, making them more than just an organisation to her.


The term co-production refers to a way of working that combines our mutual strengths and capacities so that we can work together on an equal basis to achieve positive change.

It is about breaking down the organisational and invisible barriers between people who use services, people who provide services, and people who design services. It emphasises doing things with people rather than doing things to people or for people.

Co-production at Making Space is an intentional act and starts from the principle that everybody has valuable skills, knowledge and experience to offer.

 A Volunteer’s Journey at Sandalwood Dementia Center

Patricia is a dedicated volunteer at the Sandalwood Dementia Center in Doncaster. Her journey into volunteering began after caring for her mother, who battled dementia for nine years. The loss of her mother left her feeling lost, but discovering Sandalwood, she knew instantly that they wanted to be part of the service. The centre has provided invaluable support and purpose, creating a meaningful relationship where, as much as she gives to the centre, the centre gives back to her.

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