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Free Digital Tools Training to Support Digital Upskilling in Adult Social Care

The administrative burden in the adult social care sector is substantial, often diverting valuable time and resources away from direct care and support.. Digital solutions can streamline many of these administrative processes. 

Microsoft Suite Tools, for example, can transform the delivery and outcomes of care and support. By learning how to navigate and utilise these digital tools effectively we can become more IT efficient, which will ultimately lessen the burden on resources and capacity.  

Digital communication tools can facilitate quicker and more efficient communication among staff members, reducing the time spent on coordination. General digital platforms can support ongoing professional development, allowing care workers to continuously update their skills and knowledge in response to evolving challenges and best practices. 

Below are some comprehensive FREE training programmes that not only teach digital skills but also highlight the benefits of digital tools.  

Overall, embracing digital tools can lead to a more efficient use of resources, allowing adult social care workers to focus more on what they do best: providing care. By embracing digital tools and ensuring that adult social care workers are equipped with the necessary skills, we can transform the sector to better meet the needs of those who rely on it. 

Free Microsoft Training: Empowering Social Care Providers with Digital Skills

Microsoft is at the forefront, offering free training sessions for social care providers throughout June. These sessions, available to anyone working in the NHS or social care in England, cover a range of essential digital tools and skills. 

Participants can learn to navigate and utilize Microsoft’s AI Copilot, Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI, among others. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of social care services, ensuring that providers are well-equipped to meet modern demands. 

For more details and to register, visit Digital Care Hub or June schedule PDF to book directly. 

New Digital Skills eLearning Modules for Social Care Workers 

Free eLearning modules for adult social care workers are now available, covering technology use, data management, and online safety. These ‘bitesize’ modules align with the Digital Skills Framework and aim to enhance digital proficiency. Accessible via Skills for Care’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), they provide essential training to improve care quality and efficiency. 

For more information, visit Digitising Social Care

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