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IMPACT Project Updates

The IMPACT Project & Its Developments with Scottish Care in Developing a New Digitally Focused Social Care Role

Scotland is becoming known for its innovative and proactive approach to health and social care, the Scottish Care Technologist’s Role as part of the IMPACT Facilitator Project is a prime example of this. Not to mention the funding towards more sustained mental health initiatives. (1). The Scottish Care Technologist Role aims to promote the use of technology in social care, whilst the IMPACT Project seeks to measure the effectiveness of technology-based interventions in improving the lives of those receiving care.

The Care Technologist role was launched in 2018 as a collaboration between the Scottish Government and Scottish Care. Its aim is to promote the use of technology in the care sector to improve the quality of care and support provided to individuals, while also improving the efficiency and sustainability of care services.

The project recognizes the importance of technology in addressing the challenges the care sector faces, including an ageing population, increased demand for care services, and the need for more personalised care. By embracing technology, the care sector can meet these challenges and ensure that individuals receive high-quality care that meets their needs.

The project involves the use of a range of technology-based interventions, including wearable devices, sensors, and digital platforms, to support care, home residents. The interventions are designed to improve residents’ health and well-being, promote independence and social connections, and enhance communication between residents, staff, and family members.

The IMPACT project is using a rigorous research methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of technology-based interventions. The project is assessing a range of outcomes, including residents’ quality of life, health status, and social connections, as well as staff satisfaction and the efficiency of care delivery.

The project is still ongoing, but early results are promising. The technology-based interventions have been well received by residents and staff, and initial findings suggest that the interventions are improving residents’ quality of life and enhancing their social connections.

The Scottish Care Technology Role and IMPACT project are great examples of Scotland’s innovative approach to healthcare. By embracing technology, Scotland is able to meet the challenges facing the care sector and ensure that individuals receive high-quality care that meets their needs. The IMPACT Project is an important step in measuring the effectiveness of technology-based interventions and ensuring that they are used most effectively.



If you wish to know more about the IMPACT Project or Care Technologist Role please contact:

Kate Gore – Digital Transformation Officer –

Esme Foxworthy-Bowers – IMPACT Scottish Facilitator – Esme


      1. Additional funding for Community mental health – (

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