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Care Workforce Change – Calling for Research Participants

Organisation, delivery and development

Exploring the Impact of Technology on the Care Workforce

The Centre for Care’s “Care Workforce Change” project is dedicated to understanding and improving the care workforce through the strategic use of technology. This research focuses on how technological advancements affect recruitment, skill development, and care practices, such as remote visits in domiciliary care. By interviewing staff and managers in various care settings, the team aims to gather valuable insights into the current use of technology and its future potential.

Participate in Groundbreaking Research

The Centre for Care invites care home and domiciliary care staff and managers to participate in their study on technology in social care. Researchers, including Kate Hamblin, Erika Kispeter, and Grace Whitfield, will conduct interviews lasting 30-60 minutes to discuss the technology used in care provision and its impact. Participants will receive a tailored report and a shopping voucher as a token of appreciation.

For more information or to participate, contact:


–, 07774 493 820

Join this initiative to contribute to a deeper understanding of technology’s role in enhancing the social care workforce. For further details, visit the Centre for Care website.

Care Data InfrastructureA Project Shaped by Social Care Data for Social Care

Improving the social care data and analytical infrastructure. 

The Centre for Care’s Care Data Infrastructure program aims to enhance the quality, accessibility, and analysis of social care data. This initiative supports the collection, storage, and dissemination of data to better address the needs of those involved in care. It also focuses on educating individuals and organisations about social care data, fostering impactful research, and making findings widely available.

The program plays a crucial role in advancing the understanding and improvement of social care through robust data infrastructure and analytical methods.

The research for this project is being led by Matt Bennett – Co-Investigator, (University of Birmingham) & Jingwen Zhang Researcher, (University of Sheffield)

Please visit Care Data Infrastructure | the Centre for Care to sign up for the project and find out more information.

Digital Care: roles, risks, realities and rewardsCalling for Participants to Take Part In Tech Driven Research

Exploring how digital technology, care and caring relationships intersect and interact

The Centre for Care’s project “Digital Care: Roles, Risks, Realities and Rewards” explores the dynamic relationship between digital technology and care practices. As digital technology evolves, its integration into care services raises crucial questions about the opportunities and challenges it presents for care recipients and providers alike.

Digital care encompasses a wide range of technologies, from telecare services transitioning from analogue to digital, to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These advancements are reshaping the landscape of care, offering new ways to support and connect with those in need of care, but also introducing new complexities and risks.

Key Research Questions

The project investigates several pivotal questions:

  • Technology Utilisation: What types of digital technologies are currently used in care settings, and how are they implemented?
  • Impact on Wellbeing: Do these technologies improve wellbeing outcomes? If so, for whom and under what circumstances?
  • Social Justice Implications: How do these technological changes impact social justice and equality within care? Who benefits, and who might be at risk?
  • Care Relationships: What effects do digital technologies have on the relationships between care providers and recipients, and on the dynamics of paid care work?

Get Involved

For more information or to take part in this vital research, contact Grace Whitfield at or Erika Kispeter at

Please visit Digital Care: roles, risks, realities and rewards | the Centre for Care to sign up for the project and find out more information.

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