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CQC Latest – Digital Innovation Programme

Latest in Regulatory Innovation – How CQC are Working Alongside Care Providers to Capture and Share Innovative Practice

In the latest external strategic advisory group meeting, big plans were announced on behalf of the CQC regarding its newly released 8-month plan to devise and launch a suite of new regulatory innovation tools. With the accelerating improvement theme enabling health and care services to improve the quality of care where it’s needed most.

The CQC successfully won the Regulators Pioneer Fund to support this innovation-based project back in 2018. (Click here to read the full article.) Since then, the half-a-million-pound funding scheme has been developed to drive higher quality of care and support a care system that is under pressure.

The aims of the RPF Capturing Innovation Project are to capture examples of high-quality innovation and to share this learning with the wider sector. They emphasise the inclusion of all organisations that are not only rated “Outstanding” but are assorted by CQC ratings. From this, a pilot suite of products to share learning, resources and innovations can be created to build tangible products and hold innovation as a core value for CQC regulation.

CQC allocated time and resources to developing online tools, predominantly through the CQC or associated websites and spoke about the test-and-learn approach to collating this information to be shared with the sector. The report to be launched alongside the innovation tools will be compiled from case studies where innovative practices can be demonstrated to accelerate improvement. What is shown from the CQC is their acknowledgement of an impactful approach to understanding the drivers behind successful innovation at the heart of care provision, given by a bottom-up approach to insightful and meaningful activities.

*Source – CQC April Cole Strategy Manager – Capturing Innovation to accelerate improvement

CQC – Our ask of you

As part of this ongoing project, the CQC is asking front-line care providers to help shape the programme outcomes and get involved with the process. Advocating for attendees to their roundtable discussions and asking for case study evidence.

If you are interested in taking part, please see the contact information below.

Contact for further information

At NCF we want to know more about your innovation case studies. How is your organisation digitally evolving and what can the Digital Transformation Team at NCF peer share across the sector? Please contact our Digital Transformation Officer for Digital Innovation Kate Gore via email

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