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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024 – NCF Digital Blog 

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an annual awareness day that focuses on digital access and inclusion and people with different disabilities  

For those in receipt of care, this campaign is key in tackling digital inequalities that are often challenging and a daily struggle. The Adult Social Care sector is reliant on co-production with those at the heart of care to further digital technologies and provide future ways of working in the Social Care sector. Here are just some of the simple ways that you and your organisation can check digital inclusivity for those who access care and support services: 

1. Hearing – People who are deaf or hard of hearing will need captioning for video presentations and visual indicators in place of audio cues. 

2. Visually – People who are visually impaired may need alternative text descriptions for meaningful images and use the keyboard and not a mouse to interact with interactive elements. 

3. Motor – People with motor impairments may need alternative keyboards, eye control, or some other adaptive hardware to help them type and navigate on their devices. 

4. Cognitive – An uncluttered screen, consistent navigation and the use of plain language would be useful for people with different cognitive impairments. 

Other ways of being digitally accommodating can be organisational. Are there enough checks and balances in your organisation to be digitally inclusive? Consider the following when deciding if your organisation requires further development to become digitally accessible: 

  • Is your company subject to regular accessibility audits? Do the digital products that your organisation use  comply with digital requirements and are they up to date/relevant? 
  • Are you led by someone with knowledge and understanding of digital inclusivity? If not, consider training opportunities for team members to champion being a digital leader. Please check out the Skills for Care programme delivered by NCF Digital Leadership Programme to find out more about how to lead a digital path for your organisation 
  • Co-produce – Put the people who access your services at the heart of every project. Regularly involve a diverse group of testers to review your digital content and services. 

The impact of inclusive design and the development of inclusive technology can transform lives. For instance: 

  • Provides independence and confidence. 
  • Allows for better communication and understanding. 
  • Creates a quality of life that is safer and happier. 
  • Impacts not only those who access care but those who support and work within the Social Care sector.  

NCF is proud to be a part of a community of practice whereby digital inclusion and transformation are at the heart of everything we do. By sharing, collaborating, and working towards greater digital understanding we can create a not-for-profit sector that removes the barriers of digitalisation and provides the knowledge needed to excel in the future of social care. 

Let’s celebrate GAAD by developing new ways of learning and implementation for those at the heart of care.  

Please see the links below for further information, videos, and activities to be involved with for 2024 GAAD.  

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