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Cyber Security, Data Breaches & Digital Safeguarding at the Forefront of Adult Social Care 

The latest from the Cyber Essentials Roadshow in Collaborating with the Merseyside Police and what online resources you need to remain cyber/digitally informed 

In light of recent events, it has become evident that there is a growing need for Adult Social Care (ASC) to enhance its understanding of cybersecurity and data protection. The increasing use of digital technologies in daily operations has made the sector vulnerable to cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks and data breaches. To better support the care sector, it is important for providers to be informed about available resources for improving the skills of their workforce and accessing essential guidance to prevent cyber, data, and safeguarding incidents. 

NCF attended The Cyber Essentials Roadshow in Liverpool at the Merseyside Police Headquarters earlier this week to hear key topics on enhancing cybersecurity awareness and practices among local businesses. This roadshow is part of a series organised by the Northwest Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) and is designed to help organisations understand and implement the Cyber Essentials framework. This framework, backed by the UK government, offers a robust baseline of cybersecurity measures that protect against the most common online threats​. (Please see the Cyber Essentials link below).  

It was insightful to hear about a government-backed self-assessment programme that can aid in your organisation being digitally safer and leads to a Cyber+ security programme whereby auditors can check your company’s digital safety and advise of future actions.  

Key Topics Discussed 

  • Phishing Emails – Is your IT provider providing Cyber Security measures to ensure your organisation remains vigilant against phishing emails? 
  • 2 Factor Authentication – Have you implemented additional security measures such as two factor authentication to enhance safety protocols? 
  • Known Vulnerable – does your online footprint provide the security and privacy procedures needed to deter cybercriminals from being able to access your information? 
  • Password Measures – You can create safe and secure access to vital information and channels by creating a 3 Word Password Generator. Break from the habit of creating 1 word easy to guess passwords that can be found by computers in minutes and using the same password across all channels.  

Please view the resources list below which will give you direct access to free online toolkits to help aid in your cyber essentials journey. Also see the knowledge hubs, readiness tools, and cyber advisors who can help your organisation become more informed.  

The Digital Care Hub also offers extensive guidance on how to manage a data breach, from knowing how to identify a potential breach to informing staff and relevant bodies on the next stages and processes if you’ve been affected by a breach. Please see the updated guidance from the Digital Care Hub on what to do if you do have a data breach. Which provides more information on the preventative measures regarding data safety and information governance. 

NCF also offer free advice, connections & training programmes to those who want to know more about cyber security and digital safeguarding. Please see more information on the Digital Blogs page here or if you are curious about attending an NCF Digital Programme contact the team via the emails below. 

The Digital Team 

Digital Lead – 

Digital Transformation Officer – 

Digital Transformation Officer –  


Email Data Breach Checking Website – Have I Been Pwned: Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach 

Cyber Essentials Knowledge Hub – Introducing the new Cyber Essentials Knowledge Hub – Iasme 

Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool – Introducing the Cyber Essentials Readiness Tool – Iasme 

Cyber Essentials Programme (IASME) – Cyber Essentials – Iasme 

Cyber+ Programme (IASME) – Cyber Essentials Plus Get a Quote – Iasme 

Check your Organisations DSPT status – Check DSPT status – Digital Care Hub 

Digital Care Hub guidance – Data Breach Guidance – Digital Care Hub 

NCF Digital Leadership Programme- Digital Leadership Programme – National Care Forum 

National Cyber Security Centre Guidance – Top tips for staying secure online – NCSC.GOV.UK 

Cyber Advisors – Introducing Cyber Advisors – Iasme 

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