Dechoker because every second counts…

The Dechoker is a life saving device that can be used for choking first aid on anyone 12 months old and up, regardless of illness, disorder or other health-related condition

When a person begins to choke, virtually everyone begins to panic.

That’s because nearly everyone has experienced the feeling of terror when an object becomes stuck in their airway and they can’t breathe.

When this happens, it’s not long before the person becomes unconscious. If the object remains, brain death is expected after just 10 minutes.

Dechoker uses directed suction to remove an obstruction and clear the airway in seconds. A stand-alone device, it requires no batteries, there are no settings and almost anyone can use it.

What’s more, it can be used when the person choking is either lying down or sitting up, for example in a dining chair or wheelchair.

Every customer has a different requirement. Feel free to get in touch and we will work with you to help support both the people in your care, and the people that deliver it.

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