“There is nothing else out there doing what CuppaCare does. Nobody else is even thinking about things in the way Cuppa is at the moment,” CEO of homecare organisation and pilot user.

Digital learning with CuppaCare is fun and easy-to-do. Our mobile micro-learning service delivers guidance in five-minute bursts – we call them Sips. Staff simply download the CuppaCare app, then tap and swipe to boost their knowledge of everyday care tasks and topics. All Sips are mapped to the Care Certificate, and staff can check their learning with in-app quizzes, and earn digital badges to share on social media.

The service allows managers to assign Sips from the CuppaCare catalogue, according to individual learner’s needs. Managers can track staff performance and progress, and even create bespoke learning content.

“CuppaCare is a genius app! I use it all the time” Homecare worker and pilot user.

“Brilliant, loved every Sip I did, asked for more from my manager.” Homecare worker and pilot user.

Get the flavour for yourself! Download the free CuppaCare Taster apps for iPhone and Android from

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