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Covid-19 Lockdown anniversary: Young Photographer documents behind-the-scenes at local care home

To mark the third anniversary of the first COVID-19 lockdown period, a 17-year-old local photographer, Ella Osborn, has released behind-the-scenes-style photos from Greensleeves Care’s De Lucy House in Diss.

During the initial lockdown period, beginning in March 2020, care homes were particularly affected by the virus, with high infection rates across the country. Whilst care workers were celebrated by the public during those difficult times, the effects and memories are still widely felt today by those who worked on the frontlines.

Families were prohibited by law from visiting their loved ones, and with care homes usually seen as a staple within their communities- many have strong links to local schools, churches and social groups- the lockdown periods meant an end to interaction with the outside world, and the sense of community was limited to within the walls of the home.

At the time of the first lockdown, photographer Ella’s mother worked at De Lucy House as a care assistant and having witnessed the highs and lows of the time via her mother, Ella chose to recreate the experience once the home was able to re-open through a series of curated photos and by listening to the stories of residents, their families, and frontline colleagues of the time and highlighting their voices.

Lauren Tubby, Home Manager at De Lucy House, said:

“Ella wanted to give a platform for us to tell our version of events from the time of the first lockdown. She listened to the staff and residents, she was very kind and thoughtful. The photos are some recreations of scenes during the outbreak of covid.

We all remember those times as incredibly challenging, often heart-breaking, but also as a time of dedication and teamwork. Everybody really came together to ensure our residents were safe and happy. Since then, the home has opened up to the community again and is full of life.

Seeing Ella’s photography has helped the staff and residents gain a little closure on the experience we had.”

To see more of Ella’s work, visit her website:

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