Sector Specific

PHE are developing guidance for a variety of professional groups on handling the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in the UK.

Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick has also launched a new taskforce bringing together senior experts across sectors to tackle the outbreak of coronavirus.

Stay at home guidance

The government has issued guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

General Guidance

Advice for the general public is available on the government’s advice page and at NHS UK. Public Health England also has a blog which provides additional advice. Additional advice for various sectors will be published over the coming days on our guidance pages.

If you have any questions about the guidance or question for DHSC about COVID-19 please let us know and we will seek a response [email protected]

Information Governance

NHSx and the ICO have issued guidance on information governance in relation to COVID-19:

Care Quality Commission

The CQC is also monitoring the situation and has issued statements on what they are doing and further guidance:

On 17.3.20, CQC stated that there would be:

“no changes to the requirements to make notifications or the system used to make them. You should notify us of deaths and of events that stop you carrying on your service ‘safely and properly’ (regulation 18). This will mean letting us know if your service operation is being negatively affected by COVID-19. It does not mean that you need to notify us of every single COVID-19 related issue.