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Communities of Practice

New support offer to NCF members in 2023

We have reshaped the way we offer our package of NCF membership support in 2023 through the evolution of our Communities of Practice – a clearer way of grouping together the various elements of our current support offer and an opportunity to explore areas where members  would like more practice based support to address key aspects/ specialisms of your work.

The Communities of Practice are focused around the eight current specialisms:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Finance
  3. Governance
  4. HR
  5. Housing with Care
  6. Learning Disability
  7. Marketing & Communications
  8. Practice & Quality

Members are already benefiting from being involved in one or more forms of member support – and we now want to bring that together in our Communities of Practice. Being part of one of these areas means that you will be able to benefit from a specialised community which includes:-

  • Regular forum meetings filled with expert subject and policy input, specialist advice and wide ranging peer led discussion
  • Trusted network of peers to share information and advice
  • Specialist events and briefings on key agendas
  • Discounted access to NCF services such as NCF Consult
  • Discounted access to NCF partner services
  • Opportunities to visit members or hear about member services
  • Opportunities to add your voice to key policy discussions with leading stakeholders
  • Resources, templates and tools developed with you to support your work on relevant policy areas

Our vision is to use the Community of Practice approach to boost our practice-based support, so within our Communities of Practice, this year we have launched two specialist learning networks in response to direct requests from members – one focusing on Dementia and one based around Faith & Spirituality –  bringing together members who offer faith-based provision/ those with a faith heritage/  background / ethos but also to help members support those within their settings who have a faith themselves. 

We have a growing, diverse NCF membership, with a huge variety of specialism, experience and expertise and our members are really committed to sharing and learning from each other to improve the quality and outcomes of all that they do and so the Communities of Practice approach offers an exciting opportunity to increase our collective shared knowledge and skills within specific disciplines and build these valuable practice based specialist learning networks.

If you have any thoughts/ ideas on what else  you would find useful in terms of learning networks do let us know – 

And – very importantly – do tell us if there are any topics or areas of expertise/ specialism  that you would be willing to share to benefit your fellow members

As ever, we welcome your feedback as we develop our broader Community of Practice approach – contact Liz Jones

Professor Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of National Care Forum said:

“Members are at the heart of all of our work at NCF. So, with that in mind, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can enhance the support we offer them. I am delighted that we start 2023 with a fresh look with our newly formed Communities of Practice. Being part of NCF should be valuable for everyone involved in the organisation, and our Communities of Practice mean that whatever your role in the organisation is, you are able to be part of a community, which will shape, share and enhance your practice.”