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Celebrating Pride at Swarthmore Care Home

Pride month is about acceptance, equality, celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ people, educating people about the awareness of issues that affect the LGBTQ community.

Pride month commemorates a tipping point in the ‘queer’ history, The Stonewall Uprising, which lasted 6 days in Manhattan back in June 1969. Police clashed with LGBTQ protesters. Just imagine the sense of isolation that was felt by people sharing places and spaces with unsupportive family members. Today’s society is more accepting, and with progress we hope that explanations help everyone learn to accept each other as an equal.

One of our Carers, Em gave a talk to our residents and staff around the subject and explained the difficulties that the community face. The experience of personal challenges where friends have been alienated or picked on for their sexuality. The apprehension of discussing their sexuality with family members. Talking about these subjects helps people continue to live their lives as others do. There are so many people suffering from mental health, people need to be able to speak to anyone no matter what their sexuality.

Our residents engaged in asking questions, we gave out flags, tattoos, dressy glasses and ended the chat with a cup of coffee. Thanks to Em for engaging with our residents and colleagues to celebrate Pride, you did a great job

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