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Caring in COVID: VE Day celebrations

On Friday 8 May 2020 every Quantum Care home paid tribute to the service and sacrifice of all those who were part of the Second World War generation, from those in active service, to those who fought, worked or lived on the home front.

VE Day is extremely poignant for those in our care homes. Despite the difficult and unprecedented times surrounding us, it was important that we marked the day in each and every one.

In some way the challenges we face today are reminiscent of the challenges faced by all those during war time and true to the nature of our amazing residents and colleagues, we got creative, we worked round the social distancing measures and we rose to that challenge.

Ahead of the event, every home was sent a VE Day pack containing Union Jack bunting and flags.

It also contained quizzes and activities to do on the day as well as a variety of reminiscence items such as old photographs and articles from VE Day Parties in 1945.

Hugely popular were the links to a playlist of songs from the 1940s, complete with printed words so that everybody could join in.

The day began with each home observing the 2 minutes’ silence; giving everybody the time to reflect and pay tribute to all those who gave their lives during the War. The homes then began a busy and fun-filled day, with sing-a-longs, corridor street parties, socially distanced garden parties and much, much more.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all those colleagues who worked extremely hard to make the day special for our residents.

Through their dedication, creativity and passion, we put on a day to remember.


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