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Caring in COVID: Creating musical fun – the story of Delilah at Rowden House

As Covid-19 hit, Rowden House, like many in the care industry, had to adapt to new rules and restrictions in order to protect residents, colleagues and loved ones from the virus. This meant Rowden House could no longer host its popular sing-a-long session on a Friday afternoon, as it was deemed unsafe to have such a large group together in one place, with not enough room for social distancing.

However, determined not to let the changes dampen their musical spirits, the residents and staff came up with the brilliant warming idea to create their very own music video to their longstanding favourite tune – Tom Jones’ hit ‘Delilah’. Typically on a Friday afternoon, as soon as the first few notes play to this song, it doesn’t take long for the lounge full of residents to sing at volumes that could rival a rock concert.

Rowden House took inspiration for the music video idea after one of the resident’s families created their own music video to ‘We’ll meet again’, by Dame Vera Lyn, which the resident simply adored. It was such a heart-warming idea that it didn’t take long for the home to take action in getting creative themselves, and their favourite Tom Jones hit was the perfect song to perform to.

With staff and residents ranging from 16 – 98 years of age, the creative task catered to everyone – the residents benefited from the video as much as the residents did. The home kept to government guidelines throughout the process, with social distancing, PPE, each resident had their own trumpet cut out so there was no cross-contamination etc., which proved that fun can still be had in a restricted environment.

Filming lasted two weeks, so the dulcet tones of Tom Jones’ voice were never far away. The grand premiere of the video was hosted to residents around the home via large TV screens and various tablets and devices. Everyone was elated with the final version and couldn’t wait to share it with their loved ones.

Feedback from residents’ families and friends showed that they were equally delighted; they took reassurance in knowing that despite not being able to physically see their loved ones, they knew they were happy and in safe, caring hands. Against the odds, spirits remain high, despite the uncertainty that surrounds us.

The full video can be enjoyed via the Somerset Care YouTube channel, here.

Keep your eyes peeled for Rowden House’s sequel video.

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