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The Care Workers’ Charity Supporter Membership Programme

The Care Workers’ Charity is excited to announce it is launching an updated Supporter Membership Programme. The Care Workers’ Charity exists to support care workers financially and their wellbeing and to advocate for the social care workforce.

Those employed in social care can turn to CWC when up against a difficult or unexpected life event or scenario – such as bereavement, a housing crisis or relationship breakdown – and receive direct financial assistance to help them better cope with their situation. The application process is straight forward and grants (which average £500 per person) are paid directly into the applicant’s account. In addition, for those who need emotional support or are struggling with their mental wellbeing, CWC offer up to 10 hours free counselling via an accredited mental health specialist provider. In 2021, CWC spent £1,061,138 on grants to care workers in need.

None of this amazing work would be possible of course without a secure income stream and the support of other organisations operating in the social care sector. The CWC are actively seeking care providers to join them as Supporter Members to help bring in sustainable funding and increase access to their services amongst care workers. In return care providers can bolster the support they offer their staff by connecting them to CWC’s services, increase positive publicity of their organisation, and demonstrate their commitment to supporting the social care sector.

We are asking providers to help us compliment the support they offer their staff by giving financial and well-being support. Asking for help is very difficult and many care workers are embarrassed to ask their employer and that’s where we help. Our work supports retention in sector and helps people remain in jobs they love. Workforce is our biggest asset so help us help your teams.

The CWC have just launched an online feature which enables interested care providers to book a call with one of the team to find out more or to directly sign up to the Supporter Membership Programme. If you are a member of NCF, Care England, National Care Association or the Homecare Association there is also a special offer for you if you sign up.

Karolina Gerlich, Chief Executive Officer of The Care Workers’ Charity said: “Now, more than ever care workers must be valued and respected. If the social care workforce is appreciated, everyone benefits from those who draw on social care to family and friends”

More details about the supporter membership can be found here.

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