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The Care Workers’ Charity – Impact Report

The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) exists to ensure that no care worker experiences a financial crisis. For many people working in social care, setting aside savings can be difficult and means that when something unexpected happens. CWC offers a safety net for social care workers and supports them through challenging circumstances with our crisis, covid-19 and mental health support.

As we can all testify, last year was incredibly tough for numerous reasons. One aspect of Covid-19 that has been overlooked is the impact of isolation and shielding on care workers. The Care Workers’ Charity has supported 2,864 care workers with a grant to help them and their families cope with the impact of Covid-19. 71% of people who have received a Covid-19 grant have needed financial support after isolating for 2 weeks. Such a high percentage highlights how immediate the threat of poverty can be for people working in social care.

The charity has continued to help care workers affected by broader circumstances with crisis grants. Over a third of applicants who were awarded a crisis grant were experiencing a loss of income which mirrors the reality of care workers isolating; reducing their hours to care for children or being unable to work multiple jobs to maintain a steady income.

96% of the 3,266 care workers we supported in 2020 agree that receiving a grant made them feel more supported in their situation and 88% agree that a grant prevented them from falling into financial hardship. It is hard to conceive that care workers at any point can be 2 weeks away from hardship. Not only this, but the combined pressure of losing income and anxiety can be immensely challenging.

The Care Workers’ Charity now offers counselling as a further means to support care workers. Information about all our grants can be found on our website as can our Impact Report.  

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