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The Care Badge Inaugural Financial Awards

The CARE badge Community Interest Company (CIC) has announced the inaugural recipients of CARE badge financial awards.

They have awarded £10,000 between four care-related causes, nominated by carers across the UK, to support their ongoing social care services.

The successful recipients are:

Thurrock Carer Services – providing information, advice and support to adults who are unpaid carers of a Thurrock, Essex resident.

Cùram Resource Club – set up on the island of Tiree, the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, by local volunteers determined to maintain the independence of elderly and disabled islanders and to defeat isolation.

Sage House Dementia Support – set up in Chichester in 2014 to provide a vital service offering support, guidance, and care for those living with dementia.

The Care Workers Charity – founded with the objective of supporting current and former care workers with one-off crisis grants of up to £500.

These four awards of £2,500 each are the first to be made by the CARE badge CIC following the launch of the CARE badge initiative on the 26th June 2019 and the subsequent sale of 90,000 CARE badges. The Board of the CARE badge intends to make further financial awards on an ongoing quarterly basis.

CARE badge Board members Liz Jones, Robin Batchelor and Martin Green commented, “The crucial role played by both paid and unpaid carers is often taken for granted due to a lack of awareness and appreciation. As such, it is great to see so many CARE badges now in the community and to be able to financially assist these four well deserving, grass-root charities as a direct result. Thank you to our CARE badge Charity Committee volunteers, Sam, Victoria and Shauna for assessing the nominees. Together we look forward to supporting further care-related causes in the future and encourage carers to continue to send us their nominations.”

To find out more about the CARE badge grant application process, please visit

Notes for Editors:

Social Care across the UK:

In the UK as a whole, there are over 2 million social care workers and 7 million more unpaid carers. With each carer supporting at least one person, over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care outside of hospital every day.

The daily impact of care is even greater, given the significant number of family members of those working in or receiving care, as well as the suppliers and employees that assist the sector. Carers deliver this high-quality support each day, no matter if it’s a holiday for others or if the weather is adverse and travel is difficult. Unfortunately, they often do so without the public interest and support that other professionals reasonably enjoy.

The CARE badge:

The CARE badge CIC is administered and managed for free by everyLIFE Technologies and, to date, over 90,000 badges have been distributed. All profits from the sale of CARE badges are given to care-related charities suggested by care workers and carers and overseen by a CARE badge CIC charity committee.

The CARE badge CIC is a Community Interest Company formed jointly by everyLIFE Technologies and Care England and, latterly, the National Care Forum with the sole purpose of providing the CARE badge to companies, charities and, other organisations.

• The National Care Forum (NCF) has been promoting quality care through the not-for-profit care sector for 25 years and has become a leading voice in the sector. The NCF ensures member interests are represented at all levels and are in constant contact with government departments, politicians, and the media to ensure your message gets across.

• Care England, a registered charity, is the leading representative body for independent care services in England. Working on behalf of small, medium, and large providers, Care England speaks with a single unified voice for both members and the whole care sector.

• everyLIFE Technologies provides a suite of care-planning software and apps, including the PASSsystem and openPASS, to the UK’s homecare, reablement and residential care sectors. everyLIFE is focused on serving the care sector and believes passionately in partnering with others to enhance the wellbeing of those receiving and providing care.

Genesis of the CARE badge:

The CARE badge was born on the 19th March 2019, while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the challenges faced providing care and the unfortunate message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care inadvertently sends to those involved by only wearing an NHS lapel badge. The Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies, sitting in the audience, turned to his colleague and said, “We should work with them to change that.”

How to get CARE badges:

The CARE badge is sold to companies, charities and other organisations by the CARE badge CIC. Badges are not sold to the public directly. Badge purchasers are both from the care community as well as national corporations and organisations, such as supermarkets, manufacturers, service industries etc., interested in supporting care workers and the carers in their own workforce.

Badges are distributed for free to employees and customers i.e. badges are not for resale. Badge purchasers are also given the right to use the CARE badge logo in their marketing materials to highlight how much they CARE.

Organisations with few employees or customer outlets can donate purchased badges to the CARE badge “pool”. These will be distributed on their behalf to individual carers for free by the CARE badge CIC at care-related events.

Order details can be found on Badges cost £1 plus VAT including P&P. There is a minimum order size of £100, with a choice of three fixing styles: butterfly pin, magnetic, and brooch to suit both care and non-care settings.

Find out more:

The website ( carries background, details of our growing community of partners, and how to order the CARE badge. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are live with @theCAREbadge and #badge4CARE 

For further information please contact:

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