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Recruitment during Covid-19: Making it happen for care

As the impact of Covid-19 deepens on existing workforces, social care recruitment experts Cohesion has decided to bring forward the next Social Care Forum (previously planned for June 11th) and make it a virtual event taking place on Thursday 23rd April between 2 pm and 3 pm.

“Recruitment during Covid-19: Making it happen for care” will address:

  • What organisations are doing differently and what responses they are seeing to new and flexible employment offerings.
  • Making the most out of changing candidate behaviour, the best ways to reach new talent.
  • How have application levels and cycle times been affected?  Cohesion will be sharing data and results from across the sector.
  • How is compliance and pre-employment being addressed?

This is a virtual event and so we look forward to welcoming as wide a range of participants from around the country as possible to collaborate and share.  You can register your interest to attend here

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