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NCF’s comment in response to article published online by The Observer on 15th October 2023

Liz Jones, Policy Director at National Care Forum commented in response to an article published online by The Observer on Sunday 15th October regarding Labour’s social care reform plans as follows: 

“As the voice of the not-for-profit social care sector we have set out our must haves for the next government which focus on key issues, particularly around workforce and the need for an economic strategy for social care which are of utmost importance. While the Conservative conference yielded nothing by way of any sort of commitment at all on social care, it was refreshing to hear Labour make commitments on workforce issues with the pledge of a Fair Pay Agreement and a workforce plan as part of a National Care Service, and for the Liberal Democrats to pledge a guarantee for free personal care for everyone in England and support for unpaid carers.  Whatever the date of the next election may be, we’re calling on all parties to ensure the needs of people receiving care and those delivering it, whether as a member of the workforce or unpaid carers, receives positive recognition and a place in election manifestos. Social care matters to us all and it’s about time we saw this reflected in a positive light, rather than used as a political football”.

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