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NCF responds to Green party election manifesto 

The National Care Forum (NCF) – the leading association for not-for-profit social care has responded to the launch of the Green party manifesto. 

Vic Rayner OBE, CEO of NCF commented: “We welcome the importance given to social care by the Green party in its manifesto pledges and the £20bn per year they are proposing to invest. Now we call for the party to demonstrate they understand the vital role social care plays in transforming people’s lives in its own right, instead of as a function to support the NHS. 

“The acknowledgement that there is a crisis taking place in care and the identification of the need for a cohesive approach between local authorities, trade unions and providers to tackle workforce pressures is also welcome.  

“It is good to see the Greens including a pledge to support vital overseas workers to join our care workforce safely and without the risk of exploitation, and also their promise to campaign for ‘Gloria’s Law’ and its mission to ensure everyone using health and care services has the right to at least one essential care supporter. Finally, we welcome their pledges to support people with disabilities to live full and meaningful lives through enhanced disability benefits and the ending of unfair targeting of disabled people and their carers who might be accessing benefits.” 

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