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NCF are proud to support the CARE badge and Proud to support those who CARE

NCF are proud to support the CARE badge and Proud to support those who CARE

The CARE™ badge is a unifying symbol of pride in our social care champions; those providing, receiving and supporting care.
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A new badge is launched today as a unifying symbol of pride in our 9 million social care champions and to raise money for care-related causes

LONDON – JUNE 26th 2019: The founding members of the CARE badge community interest company (CIC) have today announced the public launch of the CARE badge, a unifying symbol of pride and quality in social care.
With 9 million paid and unpaid carers in the UK, Care England and everyLIFE Technologies today launch the CARE badge at the Residential & Home Care Show, at London’s ExCeL, to promote awareness of and appreciation for this crucial service and raise the esteem in which social care and its participants are held.

• Public launch of the CARE badge as a unifying symbol of pride and quality in social care for those providing, receiving or supporting care across the UK

• 34,300 CARE badges sold during the three-week soft launch phase, with a further 42,000 of badge enquiries awaiting restocking

• Care home operator HC-One orders 14,500 CARE badges to recognise and celebrate their carers

• All profits from CARE badge sales go to care-related causes and charities selected by care workers and carers

• The board of directors of the CARE badge CIC today announce the appointment of Liz Jones of the National Care Forum as a director of the company, joining Care England and everyLIFE Technologies with representatives on the CARE badge board.

The CARE badge was born on 19th March 2019 while listening to Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, highlight the opportunities and challenges faced by care providers and the lopsided message that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care sends by only wearing an NHS lapel badge. The Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies, Robin Batchelor, sitting in the audience, turned to his colleague and said: “We should work with Care England to change that.”

This new initiative calls on the UK’s business leaders to buy the £1 CARE badges and distribute them for FREE to their employees and customers in a visible display of support for the 1 in 4 of the UK population that is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day.
Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England commented, “The CARE badge is an eye-catching and powerful symbol of pride in the quality of care so many deliver across the UK every day. I shall be wearing my CARE badge with pride and I sincerely hope all of you will get a CARE badge and raise the profile of care.”
While the CARE badge is personal to everyone, those wearing the CARE badge share common benefits, including:

• showing involvement with and/or support of social care in its many forms

• building a team spirit within a widely distributed care community

• a personal commitment to quality in care

• an invitation to start conversations about care

• encouraging recruitment and retention of care staff

• reinforcing the size and importance of this often-overlooked care community.

Robin Batchelor, Chairman of everyLIFE Technologies said: “Two million professional carers and 7 million more unpaid carers provide care for others each day, no matter if it’s a holiday for the rest of the population or if the weather is adverse and travel is difficult. Unfortunately, they often do so with minimal or no financial reward and without the public interest and support that other care professionals reasonably enjoy. We’re launching the CARE badge today to help everyone make sure that these care heroes don’t go unnoticed or underappreciated.”

Commenting upon her new role, Liz Jones Policy Director National Care Forum said

“The CARE badge is such a simple and inspiring idea – a great way to recognise and thank the millions of people involved in providing great quality care across the UK and a great way to help that huge community of people feel proud and valued. I am delighted to join the Board and am wearing my CARE badge with pride – I hope you will all get you orders in for the CARE badge and start wearing it to help us all raise the profile of care!

For further information regarding the CARE badge, please contact Robin Batchelor or Professor Green via or visit @thecarebadge #badge4care

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