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Live Music Now at Home – Free Online Live Music Resources for Care Homes

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, Live Music Now musicians reached over 20,000 people in around 250 residential care homes across the country each year. To continue to support and connect with people living in care homes and the hard-working and dedicated teams that look after them, LMN musicians and staff created the Live Music Now at Home video library, a free online resource of pre-recorded live music videos.

The videos feature some of the most talented early career musicians in the UK in a range of musical genres; folk, jazz, popular, western classical, traditional and more – and include familiar songs and tunes as well as new musical discoveries. There are opportunities to join in with singing and percussion, or to just sit back, listen and enjoy.

The videos can be viewed on smart TVs, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Live Music Now also created guidance notes to help care homes make the most of the concerts.

In developing the programme, Live Music Now surveyed care homes they work with regularly through Live Music in Care residencies, to find out what they wanted and could manage, and how reliable their online connectivity was. The majority of those who responded were keen to receive pre-recorded live music concerts specially commissioned and created by LMN musicians. Many said that they would be confident to lead and facilitate simple interactive activities as part of those sessions.

Liz Jones, Policy Director of National Care Forum spoke for many when she said:

 “At this time of challenge, isolation and crisis in care homes there is more value than ever of bringing the very best live music performances from experienced, highly-talented, professional musicians to the people who live and work in care homes, offering entertainment, relief and connection with the outside world via the use of digital technology”

The complete Live Music Now at Home offer includes:

  • Pre-recorded online concerts from all around the country from a wide variety of genres, available on the Live Music Now at Home Care Home video library page: The library will be updated with new concerts weekly.
  • Interactive online residencies with care homes like this one here, with LMN musicians facilitating participatory music making with people living and working in care;
  • Bespoke concerts for care homes for special occasions (holidays, birthdays);
  • DVDs for care homes who aren’t able to access the online video library page;
  • Short films that share techniques for making music to help care teams develop their skills and confidence in that like this one here; and
  • Arranging, where musicians are local, outdoor/courtyard live music concerts like this one at the Leeds Recovery Hub.

If you are interested in finding out more contact Live Music Now’s Strategic Director of Wellbeing Douglas Noble at

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