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Launch of ‘The Beating Heart of Care: Supporting Care Workers Better’

On 7 November The Care Workers Charity held a launch event for their new publication ‘The Beating Heart of Care: Supporting Care Workers Better’. For many months CWC have been collaborating with care workers, managers and sector thought leaders to map out the most prominent issues facing care workers and what they and the sector can do to combat and overcome these.

At the event the audience heard from an inspiring panel that represented a cross-section of the social care landscape (including Vic Rayner Executive Director, NCF) who will delved into the report findings and considered ways that the sector can support care workers better.

They will explored the issues raised by the report, and hosted a lively panel debate chaired by Neil Eastwood with senior leaders representing the breadth of the sector including; elderly care and the disability sector, large and small providers, domiciliary and care homes.

‘The Beating Heart of Care’ takes a detailed look at the main issues affecting care workers – our sector’s greatest asset. It explores the deep-rooted challenges that many care workers encounter on a daily basis.

It also identifies the positive and achievable steps that we can take to overcome many of these challenges.

For us, this report is the first milestone in what will be a long journey. Its findings will inform a new chapter of service delivery for The Care Workers’ Charity.

Download the report here.

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