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iPad offer to care homes

NHSX is working to support care homes and their residents, by providing digital equipment and helping to improve wireless access to the internet so that care homes can:
● Hold video consultations with health and care professionals
● Use NHSmail (a secure NHS internal email service)
● Connect care home residents with loved ones remotely
● Get direct access to any other tools or systems needed to support the care of residents

What we’re offering:

We’re offering free iPads to eligible care homes .  For care homes without a stable wifi connection throughout their building, we’ll be including a data-enabled SIM card free for 12 months with each iPad.  We’ll also provide access to useful apps as well as information about internet connectivity deals plus tools and resources for using the iPads.

How to apply for a free iPad for your care home

You can apply for an iPad by filling in this form .

The deadline for submitting your application is Friday 23rd October 2020.

Which care homes can apply for an iPad?

You can apply for an iPad if your care home receives some or all of its funding for residential care from the NHS or from a local authority.

Which care homes will receive an iPad?

We have a limited number of iPads available and will assess each application based on our criteria below.

Prioritisation of iPads will be to care homes that:

● Receive all or some of their funding for residential care from the NHS or from a local authority.
● Apply for an iPad using our order form.
● Have less than one Apple or Android tablet device per 40 residents.  Care homes without any Apple or Android tablet devices
● Care homes with fewer than 40 residents will qualify for one iPad.
● Care homes with 40 or more residents will qualify for two iPads.

Any remaining devices will be distributed to care homes according to assessed local need.

Which care homes will receive iPads with a data-enabled SIM card (for wireless internet access)?

Care homes will qualify for a SIM card, included with each iPad, if they have:

● A poor or patchy wifi connection.
● No wifi connection.

Details about the use and ownership of the devices are available in our terms of use.

What happens next?

After we’ve received your application, we’ll review it carefully.
If your application is successful, we’ll contact you directly to tell you how many iPads you’ll receive (up to two) and what will happen next.
If you also qualify for a data-enabled SIM card, we’ll confirm this (as you’ll need one SIM per iPad) and share further details, including guidance on how to set up and use the iPads.
If you have any questions, please contact your local authority or local health team.

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