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Boosting later life housing options key to ageing well says new report

New report from SCIE

Housing settings don’t always provide the choice and availability for people who use care and support services. That’s the conclusion in a report, published today, which looks at the individual needs of older adults. The new report focuses on care homes, retirement communities, retirement housing, supported living and Shared Lives. The report argues that if we are to successfully improve people’s quality of life in later life, the Government must commit to finding ways to improve the quality and quantity of housing that facilitates care and support.

Vic Rayner, NCF Executive Director, was one of the Commissioners.

Read the report 


“The key message is that there is the opportunity for the government to plug the large housing shaped hole in the current White Paper if we are to have the choice of housing and care we really need”  Liz Jones, NCF Policy Director

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