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‘Your Voice, Your Decision’ campaign

The Office of the Public Guardian launches new drive to raise awareness of lasting powers of attorney in BAME and low socio-economic groups affected by COVID-19

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is the Government organisation responsible for the registration of lasting powers of attorney (LPAs). An LPA is a legal deed which allows a nominated person(s) to make decisions on behalf of another person in certain circumstances. There are two types: one for financial decisions and one for health and welfare.

In response to the new and evolving situation created by COVID-19, OPG has now launched a new stage of its campaign to encourage people to register LPAs. The ‘Your Voice, Your Decision’ campaign  aims to reach individuals from groups which have been particularly affected by the pandemic. People from BAME communities and areas where deprivation is prevalent have been adversely affected by the crisis and would benefit from the security a health and welfare LPA provides if someone should lose the capacity to make decisions about their own health and care. However, it is amongst these communities where the take-up of LPAs is at its lowest.

Click here to access the campaign material.

If you or your organisation feel that you could help to promote this campaign amongst affected groups, please contact:

Next steps

If you would like to become more involved in taking the campaign forward in your area, the next steps are as follows:

In the coming weeks we’ll invite you to attend a group video conference call to talk through the campaign objectives and marketing toolkit.

We will then ask you to agree to terms and conditions of use, including branding guidelines and reporting.

Once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions we’ll share the creative design files and social media assets for you to adapt for your audience/local area.

We’ll run a few follow up drop in clinics (video conference calls) in the weeks following to discuss your progress.

We will be available for any question and queries about the campaign throughout via the inbox.

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