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In the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday 11th May, the future of social care was pinned down to nine tiny words – ‘Proposals on social care reform will be brought forward’

Those with social care writ through them like a stick of rock will have noted that familiar sinking feeling, particularly as this is the same reform which in the Queen’s Speech 2 years ago garnered a full twenty words and yet we are still waiting for reform. This is the same social care that in July 2019, newly victorious PM Boris Johnson said he had a plan to ‘fix once and for all’.

Of course, expectation management had been high on the government’s agenda over this last week, with a furious barrage of briefing and counter-briefing as part of a dizzying in/out ‘hokey cokey’ of whether or not social care would even figure in the speech. Some will argue, therefore, that we should feel a sense of relief that those nine tiny words squeaked past the editor’s red pen.

However, at NCF we feel that there is so much more to be said about social care reform!

So, we want to hear from you!

If you only had 9 words to describe what social care reform should look like/be – then what would those words be?

  • They could reflect a change of direction, more of the same, things that must stop now, a bold new world
  • They could be positive or negative, happy or sad, ambitious or despondent
  • They could be a 9-word sentence, or a collection or words

We don’t mind – we just want to hear your thoughts!

Please share this far and wide over the next 48 hours and we commit to gather all responses and share them in the coming week. You have until 10am on Friday 14th May 

If you only had #9wordsforcare…

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