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Vic’s summer reading list part one…

Heading off for a summer break? I thought I would share with you some of my top summer reading – just in case you find yourself drifting away from a daily dose of social care!

Digital Diaries

The fast paced shift around digital transformation means that there is no time to spare in keeping on top of that digital shift. Some useful documents that will be making their way into my holiday luggage include:

Evidencing the need for better data in care is a subject close to my heart. We know there is excellent practice out there, but we really struggle to evidence this in a coherent way. Dot Everyone has produced a new overview paper entitled Better Evidence for Care – which provides a useful overview. In addition, Future Care Capital have produced Unleashing the power of health and care data looking at the need to support data driven service change and improvement.

A window into the potential of technology to transform lives was provided recently by HfT who launched Improving Outcomes, enhancing care; assistive technologies and case for a sector deal for Learning Disability sector. In this they argue that by unlocking the potential of assistive technologies, we believe we can stimulate investment in future services and enhance the care and support that providers are able to offer.

There is a new trade body on the block, CASPA, who have come together as care software suppliers. At the recent Health Plus Care trade show they launched their new White Paper offering guidance on the adoption of Electronic Care Management Systems – more details can be found here.

Finally – for those with a look to the future around the workforce – whilst not care specific – there is some useful insight from Eric Topol. His publication earlier in the year, ‘Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future’ has some gems which can enable read across to the requirements for the care sector. I know that one of my colleagues, Claire Sutton, is itching to get her hands on his latest publication, Deep Medicine, which will look at the role that Artificial Intelligence can play in the transformation of healthcare.

Learning from experience

In the last few months we have been getting to know the new Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Kate Terroni. She has been outlining her priorities for care, and we really welcome her strong focus and commitment to co-production. With that in mind – some thoughts on reading around this area:

The voices of older people are often not as strong in co-production debates, and therefore this latest publication promoted by the Housing Lin is very welcome. The report is entitled Championing the Voices of Older People in Greater Manchester – a Guide to Participation and reflects on wide-ranging discussions and makes recommendations to ensure good participation for older people in relation to attitude, process and practicalities.

I am a sucker for a great title, and this one has really piqued my interest. Social Work, Cats and Rocket Science tells stories of just how powerful social work can be and includes stories drawn from front line practice, ranging from first interviews through to complex decision-making.

It has been great to see both the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the Care Minister make reference to the refreshed edition of Making it Real. This vital set of resources from Think Local Act Personal provides an invaluable framework of how to do personalised care and support. Great chance to refresh your own understanding of this publication and way of life over the coming weeks.

So – with that – I shall dust off my flip flops – and head to the beach – towing my reading trolley behind me…

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