Partners in Care: supporting care home visiting

A year of learning The country has been living with the coronavirus pandemic since early 2020. Locking down care homes in March 2020 was an emergency response to the global pandemic caused by a virus about which little was known. A year on, we better understand the risks of transmission and have put in place […]

We got knocked down…….

The Chumbawumba moment for social care was well and truly missed! Along with the rest of the country, social care has been well and truly knocked down by COVID-19. However, there was nothing in this budget that will help the thousands of organisations providing social care, the hundreds of thousands of people employed in social […]

There will be testing days ahead!

The provision of Lateral Flow tests has the potential to completely change the landscape around visits within care homes. It remains a hugely welcome addition to the toolkit of risk management that homes have to employ. It was helpful to have Susan Hopkins from Public Health England address some of the questions that have been […]

COVID-19 Winter Plan Score Card: Science 10 – Maths 0

Vic Rayner, Executive Director at the National Care Forum, the leading association the not-for-profit social care providers, writes: The social care score card is in for the COVID-19 Winter Plan. We have consistently called for a more supportive approach to care home visiting and to the rollout of testing beyond care homes to the wider […]

The Infection Control Fund: Bean counting in extremis

The first wave of the Infection Control Fund was introduced in May and provided a direct source of funding primarily to care homes to support the additional costs of minimising staff movement between and within services. This was a vital lifeline to many organisations, was allocated on a ‘per bed’ basis, delivered direct to care […]

Visiting in Care Homes: where now?

Why this is such an important issue To deprive people living in care homes of the stimulation and unprecedented pleasure that ‘visiting’ bring creates significant risks, Social care is a holistic service – it is concerned with people’s mental and physical health alongside their spiritual and emotional wellbeing – we lose sense of the balance […]

The Winter’s Tale

The government has now published it’s Covid-19 Winter Plan 2020/21. The full plan can be found here. It is a 52 page document – intense experience to read in one chunk for my tired zoomed out Friday night brain (this was published along with 9 other reports at 9.30pm!!) – so bear with me as […]

The Clock is Ticking

With reports of a rise of COVID-19 cases in the UK population and the subsequent increase of outbreaks in care homes, there is a lot riding on the week ahead for adult social care. The testing regime has had an almighty roasting across the media, resulting in a series of heartfelt apologies, and some strongly […]

Step by step – Social care

Regular testing in irregular times The recent announcement confirming the routine and regular weekly testing of care home staff for covid-19 infections is hugely welcome and represents another step in the fight against the virus within care homes. This weekly opportunity becomes more essential as the country moves out of lockdown. The risk of localised, or sustained […]